Car Park Sweeper

A clean up that’ll blow you away

How much dust, debris and rubbish is in your car park?

Our unrivalled car park sweepers can readily cope with any fragments you would expect to find in a car park. It’s quite surprising how much dust, debris and rubbish tends to accumulate in car parks. But that doesn’t have to be the case. At Bournemouth White Lining, our team make roads safer. Our experienced staff are more than happy to intervene and clean:


Small outside car parks


Large outside car parks


Multi-storey car parks


And more . . .

Maintaining a clean floor prevents hazards to those walking to and from their cars. So keeping that car park clean and free from debris is very important, for the safety of all personnel. Otherwise, if you’re the owner of the car park, you might come to find yourself facing legal action down the line!

As well as covering Bournemouth we also serve wider Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset; including Southampton, Weymouth, Poole, Portsmouth and Yeovil.

The SCARAB car park sweeper

Car parks tend to be enormous and busy facilities. Such a large floor plan can prove difficult to efficiently clean. Excessive dirt and debris can collect at the edges and corners. If not dealt with on a routine basis, this can accumulate into serious concerns. Fortunately, the SCARAB sweeper is capable of cleaning the most awkward areas.

Our 3.5 tone SCARAB minor is the most versatile urban/precinct road sweeper in the world. It has a hopper capacity of 2.0 cubic metres fitted with large access doors on either side. Inside your car park, it may be dirty and muddy from wind, rain and cars. Our sweeper will make it look good as new – meaning that people are more favourable about parking their nice clean cars in your car park.

These robust industrial car park sweepers help operators seize the finest particulates. They are adept at catching dust particles right through to gravel-sized clumps and more. Our car park sweepers feature a unique four-brush sweeping pattern that gives a sweep width of up to 2.17 metres. Combined with a wonder hose to clean awkward areas or gulleys, the SCARAB is a full-size sweeper in a small package.

Better yet, this sweeper doesn’t only clean car parks but can do roads, pavements, warehouses, parklands and airport perimeters.

Want to learn more about our car park sweepers?

Bournemouth White Lining like to leave a good impression. We like to ensure accuracy and precision. As soon as you consult us, we can break down our services and inform you of the SCARAB’s capabilities. Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or click here to get in contact with us. Let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.