Electric Charging Bays In Bournemouth

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As the world starts to transition from fossil fuel-powered cars to electric power there will be an increase in the demand for charging bays for people to use while they are out and about. If you have a lot of people come to you and you want to offer electric charging while they are with you then we are the people to call to paint the bays for you to clearly indicate to your customers that they are able to charge their cars with you. We can also remove the old lines before we then replace them with the new electric charging bay lines and icons. We can supply you with a range of colours that can be painted onto the area you require to be covered. We can also do preformed and hand-applied thermoplastic to get the look you are really going for.

Electric charging is going to be the future of our environment so why not get started early and offer to your existing electric car customers right now. Or if you already do offer this service why not make it obvious to them when they park up that they can charge their car with vibrant colours and indications.

Electric Charging Bays In Bournemouth

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