At Bournemouth White Lining we can provide your new road with marking or your warehouse with fresh new lines. Whatever the job is there is nothing too big or small we can’t do. Not only can we put lines down but we can take them off of any surface as well. With roads becoming ever busier, there is no better time to look at improving the flow of traffic and increasing safety. Sometimes the solution is straightforward and it will simply be a case of removing old markings and placing down the new ones. Our services don’t stop there, we can also remove markings in schools, warehouses, car parks and sports courts. So whether you have decided to change the layout of your warehouse or lay down new playground marking games for the children, we can wash away the old and bring in the new.

As the future is steering towards electric cars we understand that a lot more businesses will have to accommodate people needing to charge their cars. We can give you a helping hand in meeting the demand of charging bays by providing the lines and paint for them. Our team is quick and efficient so if you need bays painted with little notice we are the people for you.

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We also have a road sweeper that can clean your road surface if it is getting too dirty for your liking. The 3.5 tonne Scarab Minor is the most versatile urban/precinct road sweeper in the world. It has a hopper capacity of 2.0 cubic metres fitted with large access doors. The tank can have 420 litres of water using a heavy-duty commercial water pump to power the low-pressure front spray bar, brush and nozzle jets.

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Have you recently built a new car park? Maybe your current one just needs a bit of tweeking. Whatever your needs, we are here to help with any job large or small


If you have done any work to your car park, chances are the parking bay markings are going to need redoing. With accurate measurements and emphasis on time keeping, we can perform this task to a high standard, with a minimum of disruption to you and your customers.


It may even be the case that your current markings are not up-to-date enough, and you require “keep clear” road markings or disabled parking bay indicators. This can be done as well, no matter what the size of the job.