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What Are Road Markings and Why Are They Important?

Road markings are lines and symbols that are painted on roads to provide guidance and information to drivers. They can be used to indicate the edge of the road, lanes, intersections, crosswalks, pedestrian crossings, and other hazards. Road markings are an important part of a driver’s visual environment and can help improve safety by reducing crashes.

The History of Road Markings In Bournemouth

Bournemouth’s first road markings appeared in the early 1920s. The town council decided to paint white lines down the middle of the main roads to improve safety. Over the next few years, more and more roads were marked with white lines. In the 1930s, traffic lights were introduced and pedestrian crossings were marked with zebra stripes.

Today, there are many different types of road markings in Bournemouth. They are used to indicate lanes, give warnings, and mark out safe areas for pedestrians. Road markings are an important part of keeping traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

Road Marking Contractors In Bournemouth

The Different Types of Road Markings Available.

On the road we are able to provide you with all of the road markings that are needed, this includes central line markings, zebra corssings, cycle lanes, give way signs, junctions, pedestrian walkways and so much more! If you want it we can do it.

The Benefits of Using Our Professional Road Marking Contractors.

There are many benefits of using our professional road marking contractors. One benefit is that we can provide high-quality materials and equipment. This results in more durable and longer-lasting markings, which can save money in the long run. In addition, we can produce markings that meet all relevant standards and regulations. This ensures public safety and can help avoid costly accidents.

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