White Line Marking Contractors

We are able to produce lines onto the ground to fill a particular purpose, one of these we can do is children’s play areas, playtime is another great opportunity for children to enhance their learning, especially with social interaction and a variety of games. You can aid your existing playground with numerous line paintings, including maths playground markings and snakes and ladders games. The way we do children’s playgrounds is with thermoplastic and paint, both of these will produce bright colours that will keep the kids entertained and educated.

We can also paint lines onto new and relaid roads, our teams of professionals can provide all the required road markings. This can range from a variety of road signs and markings including central line markings, zebra crossings and cycle lanes. If you are laying a new road we can create the markings in an efficient and timely manner. This will enable you to open the road as quickly as possible and create less confusion for road users and pedestrians. If not a new road maybe you have recently relaid your car park and need new lines drawn onto it, we can provide you with this service for you, we can do parking bays, keep clear markings, arrows, disabled parking bays and more.

More About White Line Marking Contractors

Not only can we provide you with white line-markings but we can also clean the surface of roads and car parks, this may be useful before any painting is done. The sweeper is 3.5 tonne and is the most versatile urban/precinct road sweeper in the world. With a hopper capacity of 2.0 cubic metres fitted with large access doors on either side, a water tank of 420 litres using a heavy-duty commercial water pump to power the low-pressure front spray bar, brush and nozzle jets.

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White Line Marking Contractors