White Lining Contractors

We keep roads safe and car parks organised


Need someone to draw the line?

We’re your guys. Bournemouth White Lining are specialist contractors. We offer bespoke white lining services to suit your requirements. Our contractor’s effective road markings help organise traffic flow and designate parking areas. Sometimes, it’s worth watching paint dry. Why? Because without us, traffic would be a lot more erratic – to say the least!

Who needs white lining contractors?

Everybody! Car parks, playgrounds, roads and warehouses are just a few areas that benefit from white lining. We utilise different materials – such as thermoplastic paint – to create our bright lines. All projects vary, so we would have to touch base with you to determine the cost and how to best approach your area.

What paints do we use?

White lining paint must be bright, eye-catching and offer strong visibility for drivers. The most common types of paint used on roads is thermoplastic paints. However, we also use water-based acrylic paint and preformed thermoplastics.

Why do I need lines?

Do we really need to underline the importance of boundaries? White lining paint provides a driver with a clear sense of uniformity whilst driving. The paint used must be bright, eye-catching and offer strong visibility for drivers. If used in a car park, there’s no motivation for customers to misuse the space. Lines prevent both under and overcrowding, so you can make efficient use of your area.

When can you contact us?

Get in touch today! Once you consult our white lining contractors, we’ll be able to appropriately cost your job. Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or click here to get in contact with us. Let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

White Lining Contractors

Where do we draw the line?

Bournemouth White Lining are experts in laying down bold and clearly visible lines. Our versatile team will tailor a lining service to suit your requirements. But don’t let our name fool you. Our contractors don’t just operate in Bournemouth. We also serve:

Portsmouth – Salisbury – Southampton – Somerset– Weymouth – Yeovil . . . and more!